Because loving your child is a given, but loving motherhood isn’t.

The birth of momblogging coincided with my becoming a mom.

Cloying blogs clogged the web, as peppy new moms flaunted curated—and deeply boring—versions of motherhood.

I pushed back with Crabmommy: a darkly comic look at new momhood.

Crabmommy Blog


tart, sharp, bold

Sardonic, tongue-in-cheek, sharp but real. Satire was my weapon of choice against banal mom-upmanship. In my momblog manifesto I made a pact with my readers: to never count my blessings (online); to mock myself as well as others; and to tell the truth about the tough parts of parenting. Called “delightfully bilious” by Ayelet Waldman in her memoir Bad Mother, Crabmommy aimed to use humor as a force for good, and to connect with moms who felt disconnected.

Crabmommy Blogging


Instead of Meal Plan Monday, I had Dollar Store Tuesday, in which I bought crap food from the Dollar Store and made hideous meals. Instead of tips on how to make the perfect organic felt toys for your tots, I had Cheapmommy Crafts—my tampon wiener went viral. My monthly Momoscope—Astromommy—warned moms about the trials to come. While always humor-inflected, I also took on pithier cultural critiques of childrearing trends, interviewed psychologists, reviewed books, and debunked myths with the help of sane professionals.

Amanda Gersh guest posted for parentdish, Etsy, Glamour and more.


I leveraged my personal blog into a spinoff for Condé Nast’s Cookie magazine, where I was the principal parent blogger. Crabmommy lived for 5 years, comprised hundreds of posts, and was syndicated by Yahoo Shine. My crabby online persona led to guest spots and features at, DesignMom, Cup of Jo, Babble, Etsy, and others.