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I produce materials made of words. Some are salty, some are sweet. Some are silly, some are serious. Some are true, some are not. Some contain pulp. All contain juice.

Please help yourself to samples.

Amanda Gersh, Portland, Oregon-based writer & Editor

About Me

Once upon a time, I was a child in South Africa. After a nutritious diet of prose, poetry, and musical theater, I attended the University of Cape Town, where I triple-majored in English, French, and Angst. New York City followed, and an MFA in Fiction at Columbia University. Home is now Portland, Oregon, where the trees are big and the potholes, bigger.

As a freelance writer, I have applied myself to such subjects as abusive dolphins, architecture, manatees, marriage, motherhood, nudist hot springs, serious pants, and sparkling wine. Proofreading and editing provide a welcome balance. I have several unusual interests, such as reading books on paper, Japanese flower arranging, and collecting miniature plastic food. Unusually, I have no interest in team sports, self help, or gratitude studies. My daughter drew this picture of me.

I enjoy chewing on a range of projects big and small, bite-size and extra-chunky. Please make contact to see if I can help.